With Buddy unable to move much these days, we are constantly changing piddle pads in the hallway. Some of the pads are disposable and some are washable. The washing machine never stops. The dryer is always tumbling and when that load is dry, soiled pads are taken up and replaced with clean ones. Technically, the only time the machines become silent and pad replacement is suspended is when the Missus and I collapse at night and try to get a few hours of sleep. We are at it again first thing in the morning. The work of a caregiver is never done.

As I said, Buddy is unable to move much and there are some days lately when he is unable to move at all. We have to scoot him and clean him and scoot him some more. This morning, we found that he had defiled a piddle pad during the night, scooted himself away from that one onto a clean one. He defiled that one as well. This is our morning normal around here except that sometimes he can’t scoot off of the defiled pad.

“Good morning, Sweetie.,” I said cheerfully. “We’ll take care of that for you.”

We always keep a cheerful demeanor because we know he feels bad about his condition. He tries so hard. The spirit is strong and willing but the flesh is weak. Sparing you the gritty details, let’s just say we replaced the vacated bad area with good but then we had to get him off of the bad that he was on and onto the fresh good so that we could replace that bad. Time to scoot him or partially lift him or drag him. It has to be done, let’s go.

“Come on Buddy, it’s time to move.”

I maneuvered myself above him and got ready to lift and tug while the Missus moved into position to guide and encourage him. She is an awesome cheerleader and he responds so well to her.  I tapped his front paw with my toe to let him know it was time and when I bent down, he lifted himself up onto his front legs. OMG!

I pointed in the direction we needed to go, the opposite way he was facing, touched his foot again and said, “Let’s go that way. Can you do it?”

He scooted himself around 180 degrees and got himself situated in the right direction. By now the Missus and I were almost in tears over his monumental achievement. He hasn’t been able to do this in a long time. I figured right about now he would collapse onto the floor and I would have to scoot him but at least he was pointed the right direction. He was panting heavily but still sort of upright on his front legs. Wobbly but upright nonetheless.

“Can you do this,” I asked. I touched his front paw with my fingers and said, “Can you make it?”

We had to move him four feet, onto the clean, dry pads.

I touched him again and said, “You can do this,” and the missus echoed my encouragement.

One paw in front of the other and then he scooted his butt. More of a drag than a scoot but you get the picture. Another paw repositioning and a scoot. It was a huge struggle for him but he eventually made it four feet before he collapsed. By now, me and the Missus were both in tears. Hugs and pets and celebration followed.

You know, if we told the average Joe that Buddy actually turned around 180 degrees and moved four feet, he’d shrug us off but you know how much it means. You celebrate with us and that is why I wanted to share this good news with you.

Buddy is sleeping comfortably on a dry pad now. The washer and dryer are going. The Missus is tending to the other pussamacats in the house before heading over to the shelter. I wanted to take some time out to share our blessing with you.

I hope your day is as awesome as ours has been so far.

~ Rod






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