The New Tax Law And WarmFuzzy’s

The Tax Cuts and Jobs Act was signed into law in the last days of 2017. Stripping all of the sensationalism and yes, even some disinformation, here is what that means for you. The standard deduction is an amount by which taxpayers are allowed to reduce the adjusted gross income (AGI) declared on their income…

Cold Kitty – Updated

It’s brutal cold outside, the wind is blowing and the temperature is dropping. As is my custom around this time of night, I took the dogs out (again) to do their business. Two dogs. Two more trips into the cold to add to the several trips we have already taken. Add to that two more…

Kitties have a sad

The kitties TV is broken beyond repair. 🙁 This is the TV that needs to be replaced. Donations so the kitties can watch their tv can be made via PayPal using email address [email protected]–led-1080p-hdtv/5712321.p?skuId=5712321

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