The Budster had a wonderful day full of naps and lovin’s and then the evening came. Early on he wanted to go outside and so we went, of course. He did a little bit of business, we took a short walk and then came back inside. A few minutes later he wanted to go out again. Hmmm, okay. This time I took my Kindle and when we got outside, I sat down and got comfortable. He walked not ten feet from me and sat down. A couple minutes later, he was laying in the grass facing the breeze and looking out across the acreage. I began reading my book and the time passed as we sat together enjoying the gorgeous sunset. He seemed so happy and so peaceful that eventually I quit reading and watched him. Every once in a while his ears would perk and it almost seemed as though he was smiling. It lifted my spirits seeing his lifted. I don’t know how long we were out there but as it was getting darker, I asked him if he wanted to go inside. He probably didn’t but he came with me anyway.

After that, every time I walked down the hallway, he’d walk in front of me and head to the door. “No, we can’t go out just yet. Maybe later.” I headed back into the family room and he reluctantly followed. This happened several times until I finally said, “Let’s go take a walk.” The leash went on and the two of us headed into the night.

As we rounded the last corner of our circuit, I noticed the windows were down on my wife’s car so I stopped to roll them up. Raccoons do ugly things to a car when they are scrounging for food. I opened the driver’s door and before I could reach in to roll up the windows, Buddy jumped into the car!

“No honey, we’re not going anywhere.” He was so sad when I made him get out.

Mind you, this is the dog that we had to physically pick up and put his 65 pound fur butt into the car to get him home. When we took him to the vet the first time, it was lift time again. After that he has very reluctantly climbed in on his own when coaxed. Tonight, it was “Where are we going?” He has come so far!

Tomorrow evening, weather permitting, I know exactly where the Budster and I are going to be. I have an old, sort of a lawn chair. I’ll plop a pillow in it and we’ll spend the evening together outside. Heck, we might even have a picnic.

What a delightful evening! Life doesn’t get much better than this.

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