The average job tenure is 4.6 years, the average marriage lasts 8 years, people keep a car for 11.4 years and they live in the same house for 13 years before moving out.

WarmFuzzy’s was founded in 1991. Twenty six years later, it is still run by its original staff. That’s twenty six years with the same people keeping the same vision everyday without fail. No other animal rescue in the entire extended region can equal those numbers, let alone best them. That’s three marriages, two cars, two houses and 5.6 jobs…on average.

We’re still here after all these years.

There are many good animal rescue organizations that are begging for donations. Most of them will be here for a while and then they’ll close their door for one reason or another. “Our donations dried up.” “We were hit with a major catastrophe.” “We couldn’t get enough good volunteers.” Everyone has an excuse, I suppose and often when these people fail, WarmFuzzy’s is called to help the innocent ones that have been thrust into yet another bad situation through no fault of their own. We have seen our rescue numbers explode overnight several times due to someone’s failed dream or improperly managed vision. By the way, our donations dried up too, our shelter was destroyed by a tornado and volunteers have always been few and far between yet we’re still here. How can that be?

WarmFuzzy’s was there when an entire community was relocated, leaving their pets behind. We were there when the founder and CEO of another rescue suddenly died, halting operations and leaving the rescue’s future in limbo. We were there when another rescue went bankrupt. The people lost everything, the animals lost more. One time it was one hundred fifty animals, another, we were told it would be twenty five and it turned out to be over fifty. Yet another time we were assured it would only be two at the most which ultimately turned into seventeen. One rescue received over one half million dollars, they burned through that and we ended up taking some of their animals.

Rescued animals depend on their rescuers to care for them but what happens when rescuers fail? What happens when donations have been pouring into a rescue that ultimately dissolves and disappears through mismanagement or (pick their most recent excuse)? What happens to the animals? How are these people allowed to dump their failures onto others and walk away only to resurface in the rescue community once again, asking for more donations?

Animal rescues, large and small, come and go yet WarmFuzzy’s is still here. Some animals have lived in our sanctuary longer than you have been married, longer than you’ve had that car or job. That is no slight against you, rather those facts should help put things into perspective.

We’re still here after all these years.

We at WarmFuzzy’s are still and have always been committed to our original vision of helping the helpless at all costs and we are asking you to make a commitment to help us.

WarmFuzzy’s is undeniably the most stable investment for your charitable dollars. We have the longest successful track record and you know we’ll be here tomorrow, whereas those other hopefuls…[shrug]. Who knows?

Little One
by Rod Ellis


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