It’s been a quiet day here at the zoo. Must be the weather because the pups have been mellow and napping. No perky time at all. It gives us a chance to assess their conditions more closely. For example, Miss Annie is walking slower these days but she also appears to be losing weight. The Duchess parks herself under the dining table until it’s time to go outside or come into the family room for evening time together. She doesn’t move around the house much. I figure it’s because she can’t see much. Recently, both of those girls are showing their age a little more. It’s sad but it happens.

Mumford’s breathing is rough lately. She’s been wheezing and coughing more than normal. She’ll take a trip to the vet soon to have her enlarged heart checked out again. The Budster is his normal adorable self and usually only goes bonkers when we have love time before we go to bed. We’re up to an hour of love time now and he’s real pushy about it and barks if he’s not receiving enough hugs and pets. He’s also taken to barking at me when he wants to go outside. When he barks, Mumford barks and then Mom tells us to keep it down. Sometimes I stir things up and then I’m in trouble with Mom. She gets over it. 

It’s getting colder these days so the old bones are creakier than normal both on us and the pups. Mom gives them some stuff for their joints anyway but winter takes a greater toll. Maybe I’ll start taking some of what Mom gives the pups. Couldn’t hurt I suppose.

I need to replace some flu pipe on the wood stove soon so we can fire that up. I expect the kids will like the extra heat, especially when that north wind starts whistling through the house. Who knows, the Budster might even crawl in bed on some of those cold winter nights. Lately, it’s been the Duchess who’s been making nocturnal visits and that’s a lot of dog cuddling next to you. I don’t cover her up with the blanket though because she gets too hot but she does like it when I lay my hand on her while she sleeps. The Budster likes that too. Heck, even I like it.

Oops! Coyote barking right out our back door and the Budster perked up. He doesn’t usually pay much attention to them but this one is close. I wonder why. “It’s okay Buddy.” Hmmm, all quiet now, which is good. Must not have been anything important or his friends would have joined him for a noisy party.

Anyway, I’ll drop this letter in the mailbox so I can go get settled in with Momma and the fur kids for a peaceful evening. Drop us a note when you get some time and let us know how y’all are doing.

Me, Momma and all the Fur Kids

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