Hosie is one of the kitties we rescued from the hoarder’s house. His mouth was all infected and he couldn’t eat the dry food that was tossed down for him and two other cats. He was starving. He vet had to pull several teeth due to his deteriorated condition but he is now healthy and relatively happy. I say relatively happy because he is somewhat of a brawler. He is awkward in social graces and has a tendency to get into tussles with the other cats from time to time.

At night, Hosie climbs onto the Missus’ lap and tries to eat off of her plate so we now make him a special plate of his own. He got this way from being hungry. He is also a climber because he had to climb over mountains of junk that was stacked everywhere in his previous owner’s home. While we are retraining him, we are forced to make some allowances, given his dysfunctional past. I suppose we don’t have to make those allowances. We could demand that he behave like everyone else but we all know that wouldn’t work.

Randy (not his real name) had spent time in prison for murder. His life started out rough and only got worse. He never learned to get along with others and one day he…well, his wife can’t tell her side of the story now. I met Randy at work and he and I sort of got along. For a long time I didn’t know his story but I figured he’d been through something that made him the scary man others feared. I could detect an elusive softness deep inside but he was also a ticking time bomb and it wouldn’t take much to set him off. Over time, Randy and I got to be friends and he told me some of his story. I didn’t push him. Rather, I made some allowances because of what he’d been through. I gave him more leeway than I would have given others and our friendship grew. He saw that I was trying and he learned to try and trust. He came to respect me and I respected him. Yes, I saw his scary side but when others saw rage, what I saw was fear in his eyes. Frightened animals will bite and so will humans. Handle with care.

Galindo, a 37 year old illegal immigrant who is a previously deported felon was arrested and charged with the rape and murder of a 1-month-old baby girl. I will save you the gory details but let’s just say, it was brutal and you don’t need that visual in your head.

23-year-old Luis Arturo Sanchez, an illegal immigrant, raped a six-year-old girl.

I will stop with the examples but the list of similar incidents is a long as a blistering highway through Arizona in the summer.

Earlier, you were thinking that we should make allowances for others because we simply do not know what they have been through. Shall we make allowances for Galindo and Luis? Where do we draw the line between compromising compassion and rage? When are compassionate concessions beyond the boundaries of acceptability?

Immigrants gang rape a 10 year old girl beat beat females working in the refugee center. Some might say it is “understandable” based on their culture and their past. While you are teaching a cat to not eat off of your plate he will fail from time to time in the process of learning. Can you afford failure when trying to teach someone not to rape young children? Can you teach them? Your heart may be big and you may feel sympathy for the poor immigrant but what about sympathy for the rape victim and future rape victims? What if you become one of the victims?

Hosie went after Twinkie the other night and Twinkie got a scratch on his nose during the fury. Hosie was strongly reprimanded and if it happens again He will go in a cage. There is a risk that Twinky or another kitty could be on the fury end of the brawler again and we are keeping a close eye on things. It is a greater risk that a young child or mother or elderly person will be raped or beaten. That seems to be a risk that some are willing to take but I am not.

You know, it’s strange how if your dog bites someone they will kill the dog but if someone from another culture rapes your child, they scrub it from the news and pretend it never happened. Society doesn’t think a dog deserves consideration. They don’t want to know why the dog bit someone. Kill the animal. It’s only an animal. It’s not like he raped somebody. It’s not like he can vote.

This is not an anti-immigrant message. This is a message to show that our lines are not as clearly drawn as we might think and we are not as altruistic as we would like others to believe that we are. We are not as all-loving as we profess. Our patience and kindness has boundaries and we move those boundaries as the situation and political correctness dictates but you move your boundaries differently than I do mine. What makes you right and me wrong?

We ask God for forgiveness when we make an error in judgment that affects our lives but what are the consequences when and a baby dies or a mother is beaten because of our misapplied piety? We must be careful making black and white statements or we just might end up with blood all over our spotless white garments. We are no better than anyone else. We just sin differently. Why do we so easily judge those who are trying as hard as we are to do the right thing. Shouldn’t we make some allowances or are those reserved just for dogs and cats?

Genesis 6:11
Now the earth was corrupt in God’s sight, and the earth was filled with violence…

Remember what He did the last time.

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