Nimbus: “Come to bed, Dad.”
Me: “I’ll be there in a few, I’m working on the website.”
Nimbus: “You can work on that tomorrow. Come to bed.”
Monty: “I want out to see Mom.”
Me: “You can’t go out there. Lewis is out there and you know how he gets.”
Monty: “But I want to see Mom.”
Me: “You can see Mom in the morning.”
Nimbus: “And you can work on the site in the morning. Come to bed.”
Me: “If you guys keep talking I’ll never get done here and I’m tired.”
Nimbus: “Shut up, Monty, so Dad can come to bed.”
Monty: [whispers] “But I want out to see Mom.”
Nimbus: [whispers] “Lewis is an asshole and he’ll come after you.”
Monty: [whispers] “I can run faster scared than he can mad.”
Me: “I can still hear you guys.”
Nimbus: “It’s your fault that we’re still awake.”
Me: “If I come to bed do you promise to be quiet?”
Nimbus: “Yes.”
Monty: “If you let me out to see Mom.”
Me: “Ain’t happening, Monty.”
Monty: “Fine, I’ll be quiet but do you promise I can see Mom in the morning?”
Me: “I promise.”
Monty: [yelling] “I’LL SEE YOU IN THE MORNING, MOM!”
Lewis: “Stay in your room if you know what’s good for you.”
Monty: “Jeez, what an asshole.”
Nimbus: “Told ya.”
Me: “You guys gonna be quiet? I’d like to get some sleep.”
Nimbus: “I’m going to claw on you for a few minutes.”
Me: “Of course you are.”
Mom: “What’s all the racket in there?”
Monty: “Dad won’t let me come see you.”
Mom: “Do you want to come see Lewis too?”
Monty: “Not so much.”
Mom: “I’ll see you guys in the morning.”
Monty: “I love you Mom.”
Mom: “I love you too, Monty.”
Nimbus: “And me too.”
Mom: “I love you too, Nimbus.”
Me: “And me too.”
Mom: “Go to sleep.”
Me: “But…what about…”
Mom: “Go to sleep.”
Me: [whispers] “What an asshole.”
Monty: “Don’t call Mom an asshole.”
Me: “OW!”

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