When we rescued Buddy he had severe heart worms, was about 11 years old & without help would be dead in a few months. With nothing to lose we decided to go for the heart worm treatment. He had every reaction (& then some) to every medication he had to take during treatment. The treatment was extremely stressful on Buddy – mentally & physically – and aged him. One side effect to the treatment resulted in him having an enlarged heart & we knew eventually this was going to rear its ugly head. Today it was confirmed – it has. His heart is enlarged to where it is taking up some of his lung space – about half of one lung – he is experiencing breathing difficulties. There is fluid around the heart. There is fluid in his lungs. He has pneumonia. He is now on the antibiotic Baytril. He is on congestive heart failure medications (not new to us). He is on pain medication. His Thyroid medication has been adjusted again – as in taking more of it. His time left with us is an unknown but the vet was not optimistic. This is now a day by day thing.

Buddy has lost the use of his back legs.  We are hopeful it is only temporary but it involves a lot more work.  He is in the hallway with a his own fan, food & water real close by.  I took up the rugs and put down piddle pads.  We’re hoping once the thyroid problem stabilizes he will start to loose some of his weight which in turn will help him be able to use his back legs.  He does have arthritis in his hind quarters and is on pain meds & exercises for that.

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