You have no doubt noticed that we haven’t posted many pictures of Buddy lately. There is a good reason for that. Everyone deserves a level of dignity and photos of him in his current condition would not allow the level of dignity that Buddy deserves. We were able, recently, to get a photo of the charming boy laying on his new tarp, getting ready for an awesome sponge bath.

These days, Buddy has been unable to move and get outside on his own power. His back legs don’t work at all and they are painful to the touch. For a while, I was able to drag him out of or into the house on a carpet runner that we had but that old runner eventually ripped under the load and had to be discarded. We shopped around and finally found a heavy canvas tarp that we think will work for a while. These are very expensive but those cheap poly tarps from Harbor Freight or Home Depot (or Amazon) are absolutely worthless and would tear on first use. Besides that, Buddy’s toenails might get caught in one of those and cause him great pain. I figured if I can get him onto the tarp, I could drag him down the hall, out the front door and down the ramp into the yard. Being outside would lift his spirits and would also allow us to wash him from gim to gizzard, getting him clean and making him smell better.

It worked. It was a lot of work but it worked. I was able to drag him through the house and outside. For quite a while, the two of us sat under a cool, cloudy sky and listed to music on my cell phone. A gently breeze was blowing across the field right into his face, just the way he likes it. Eventually, it was time for a much needed bath. This was my job. The Missus was cleaning the carpet in the hallway and laying down clean dry pads for the boy. Four buckets of water and several wet and then dry towels later, the Budster was back to his clean, adorable self. Nary a complaint on his part, in fact, I believe he rather enjoyed the experience.

I think the canvas tarp will suffice for a while but I expect the next step will be to obtain a wheeled pet stretcher. We’ve needed one for a very long time but the money just hasn’t been there. We have been through critical/hospice care with seven large dogs already and Buddy is the eighth. We’re not getting any younger and moving these large, lovely creatures is only getting more difficult. With Buddy’s rear legs finally giving out completely, I can’t even imagine how we are going to get him into a vehicle and to the vet now.

Any help that you or anyone you know might be able to offer would be GREATLY appreciated.

We desperately need something like this:

Wheeled pet stretcher


and this:

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