Found Dog

Drexel, MO – anybody missing a dog? Appears to be in good shape. Taking her to the vet to scan for a chip in the morning. Buddy met with the new arrival. He wanted to be friends, she was scared to the point of uttering a low growl – cowering. It was brief meeting. I’ve…

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Morrie (L) & Lydia (R) bird watching but soon the birds will stop coming as we’re out of bird food.  

New cat beds

So very grateful for the new cat beds that were recently donated by Jessica T. Miles & Surprise (black) enjoying them.

Thursday, Jan 5, 2018

In addition to the normal every day things needing to be done had a trip to the vet for a check on Pekoe’s ruptured ear. She is doing a bit better, she has gained a pound, drinking well, can now sit up without falling over. Walking isn’t going so good yet and recovery time can…

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