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In Memory of Crickett Harkins


Born:  March 4, 1953 in Denver, Colorado
Died:  June 19, 2002 in North Kansas City, MO

Not only was she my partner here at WarmFuzzy's spearheading the animal rescue side of things but she was also my best friend. 

- - Joyce

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This is the memorial service

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7/5/2002 - The driver of the car is supposed to be picked up by the police today and charged with murder.

7/11/2002 - The driver of the car, a 16 year old boy, was indeed arrested.   He has had his arraignment and was denied bail.  He is charged with First Degree Murder.  On August 12 in Juvenile Court it will be determined if he is to be tried as an adult. 
        I apologize for not getting this information put on line sooner but it has been very difficult for all of us.  Speaking for myself when I received the call telling me this I had very mixed emotions.  In one respect I was pleased to hear that the person who had murdered my friend was not going to be let go.   On the other hand it stirred everything up all over and I again became overwhelmed by the loss of my best friend.  During the course of this time my daughter's best friends father and my husbands stepmother passed away.  And I still have the very large project of trying to find good homes for many cats.   I will be paying visits to vets and hopefully by the end of next week I will have the needed medical history and many more pictures of these cats and kittens.   Over this weekend this site will be dressed up a bit more and the cleaned up version of the memorial service should be put up also.
Thank you for your patience during this time.
   - - Joyce

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