Don’t do it

Mom: Lewis, what are you doing on top of the dryer?
Lewis: Nuthing
Mom: Uh huh
Lewis: Hey Mom there’s a bunch of stuff down there on the floor (behind the dryer).
Mom:Yes Lewis,you knocked it down there the last time you were on top of the dryer.
Lewis: I’m going to investigate!
Mom: NO! Don’t do that.
Lewis: I can do this.
Mom: You’re going to get down & not get back up. I don’t want to have to move the dryer to get you un-stuck.
Don’t do that . . . damn cat.
Lewis: Uhhh, Mom.
Mom: Yes Lewis.
Lewis: A little help please.
Mom: I should leave you there for a little while to think about this.
Lewis: But you won’t
Mom: And why is that?
Mom: Cause I’ll start screaming & wake everybody up.
Mom: Damn cat.
You’re lucky the dryer slides really easy.
Mom: Lewis, what are you doing on top of the washing machine?
Lewis: Nuthing
Mom: I’m going to bed now.

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