December 16:

I hear their voices. I hear them talk to me when they’re dying and when they’re dead.

Ruger told me, “I had fun. Tell them to have fun. Tell them I’m sorry that I didn’t get a chance to say goodbye.”

Duchess would not cross over. She wouldn’t leave Joy until I promised to take care of her.

Annie said, “Thank you for this.”

When Mumford crossed over Duchess said, “She’s here.”

I hear their voices. I know it’s them.

Duchess just said, “She’s coming.”

Side note: Duchess had told me earlier that she would be sending someone by who needed our help. She added that Annie had a hand in it too.

Yesterday, ‘she’ showed up. The Missus discovered her lying on the side of the road across from our driveway, shivering in the cold. She’s lost but we’ll see if we can remedy that situation. She is very friendly.

This morning when we went outside to do our business, someone got perky.
Very cute! She’s a very big dog and that’s a lot of perky going on.

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