November 27. 2015
The day we lifted Annie up to God

The Budster: “Move over so Dad can open the door!”
Miss Annie: “Guys?”
The Duchess: “You move over. I was here first.”
Miss Annie:”Guys?”
Mumford: “It’s cold and wet out here.”
Miss Annie: “Guys.”
The Duchess: “What do you want?”
Miss Annie: “I need to talk to you.”
The Duchess: “Go ahead and talk but make it fast ‘cuz Dad’s trying to get through to open the door.”
Miss Annie: “It’s serious, guys.”
The Budster: “What is it?”
Miss Annie:”Um, I wanted to tell you…”
The Duchess: “What. What do you want to tell us?”
Miss Annie: “I wanted to tell you guys goodbye.”
The Duchess: “What do you mean goodbye? Where are you going?”
Miss Annie: “I uh…I’m going to see the vet.”
The Budster: “He’s nice.”
Mumford: “See ya when ya get back.”
Miss Annie: “Well that’s the thing guys, I’m not coming back.”
The Duchess: “What do you mean you’re not coming back? We always come back. Well…almost always…I mean…wait.”
Miss Annie: “…yeah.”
The Budster: “Whaaat?”
The Duchess: “What is this? What are you talking about?”
Miss Annie:” I’m sick. You guys know that.”
The Duchess: “Yeah, but Mom and Dad have been…”
Miss Annie: “I’m real sick. Do you understand?”
[silence] The Duchess: “You mean like Ruger sick?”
Miss Annie: “Yeah, and they can’t fix it. I’m sorry.”
[silence] Miss Annie: “I just wanted to let you guys know that it’s been a blast. I couldn’t have asked for a better family.”
[silence] Miss Annie: “I’m sorry.”
The Budster: “No, we’re sorry.”
The Duchess: “What am I going to do without…you can’t go.”
Miss Annie: “I have to.”
The Duchess: “We’ll work something out.”
Miss Annie: “Can’t. Not this time.”
The Budster: “Real bad, huh?”
[she nods] The Duchess: “I knew something was wrong. Does it hurt?”
Miss Annie: [barely nodding] “Yeah, and I can’t breathe.”
The Budster: “You never said anything.”
Miss Annie: “I hoped it would go away but it’s gotten worse.”
The Duchess: [whispers] “It’s not fair.”
Miss Annie: “I know, Sis, but we all know sometimes this stuff happens.”
Mumford: “You’re going to see Ruger, aren’t you?”
Miss Annie: [nodding] And Sadie and Cooper and Ted and all the rest.”
Mumford: “Would you tell them hi for us? Tell them we miss them.”
Miss Annie: “I will.”
The Duchess: “So uh…when are you going?”
Miss Annie: “As soon as Dad um…”
The Budster: “He’s cleaning out the back seat.”
Miss Annie: “Yeah.”
The Budster: “Look at him. He’s falling apart.”
Miss Annie: “Yeah he is and so is Mom. You guys are going to have to take real good care of them, okay? They’re going to need you.”
The Budster: “We will, we promise.”
Mumford: “I can’t believe this is happening.”
The Duchess: “This sucks. I don’t want you to go.”
Miss Annie: “I don’t want to go either but I have to. I just didn’t want to go without saying goodbye. You know?”
The Duchess: “Yeah.”
[silence] The Budster: “We’re going to miss you.”
Miss Annie: “I know and I know you’re going to cry after I’m gone but I really wish you wouldn’t because I’m gonna…”
The Duchess: “Don’t. Just don’t. We’re family. Besides, you cried when Ruger left!”
Miss Annie: “I know.” [nodding] “I know. I’m really sorry.”
[silence] Miss Annie: “Can I have some kisses before I go?”
The Budster: “Lots of them.”

Me: “You told them?”
Miss Annie: “Yes. Will you to tell the others, our friends on Facebook?”
Me: “I don’t know what to say.”
Miss Annie: “You’ll figure something out.”
Me: [sigh] “Are you ready?”
Miss Annie: “Yes, are you?”
Me: “No. I’m going to miss you so much. I love you, sweetie.”
Miss Annie: “I love you too, Dad. Thank you for everything.”

Always in our hearts
Annie Marie Ellis
November 2003 – November 27 2015

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