We have lots of water bowls and food bowls in the kitchen for the pups. We put a water bowl and food bowl in the family room when the Budster arrived because it was easier for him when he was going through his heart worm treatment. Soon all of the dogs were eating and drinking out of those bowls. A week ago, we tried to remove the family room bowls to encourage the dogs to go back to the kitchen for food and water. What were we thinking?? The Budster had an anxiety attack and the others just stood around waiting for the bowls to return. The bowls returned.

If the bowls in the family room get empty, the Budster comes and gets us because it’s just not right to have empty bowls. We fill them and then all of the dogs run in and empty them again. When they are not hungry, they’ll hit the water bowl and drink and drink and drink almost as if they are afraid they will never ever ever get any water again as long as they live. Never. Ever.

Mumford, who sleeps by the back door and less than 10 feet from the bowls in the kitchen, will get up and walk clear to the family room for a drink of water. She also slobbers badly and when she’s done, the bowl is too. Wash it and refill it because the other dogs won’t touch it until you do and I don’t blame them.

Why am I talking about this? Because I sat down to write the Evening Bud and Mumford came in for a drink and keeps drinking and drinking and drinking. She’s LOUD when she drinks and it’s impossible to concentrate on anything until she’s done and it seems like she’ll never be done. Never. Ever. At least not until the bowl is completely defiled or empty. Did I mention she is LOUD when she drinks?

Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! [slight pause] Slurp! Slurp! Slurp! [slight pause] (repeat) (repeat again and again) The slight pause is because she slurps with such exuberance that water splashes on her face and she flinches. [shaking head with eyes closed] I wish I was kidding.

Mumford is finally done.
Where was I?
I don’t remember.
Oh well, have a good evening and if you slurp, please slurp quietly.

Yes Buddy, I’ll wash the water bowl and refill it.

Oh gross!

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