We spend our entire lives making decisions, some of them right and many of them wrong. Truth be told, we spend a great deal of our lives deciding who or what we want to be. After many years of serious consideration I’ve decided I want to be a dog. I think.

A dog goes to sleep when he gets tired. (Pardon the gender specific language. I’m a guy so…) He gets up when he feels rested or interested in what’s going on around him. A dog eats what he is given without complaining or whatever he finds. A dog can lick himself wherever he wants if it feels good or if it just needs licking. A dog can drink from a muddy puddle or a bowl of filtered water, it’s all the same to him. A dog loves unconditionally no matter how he is treated. Wait, that no matter how he is treated is the part that gives me pause. I don’t want to be mistreated. I’ve been mistreated many times in life and I did not always react as a good dog would.

How much would would a good dog would if a good dog could dog would?

Yet, I digress. Mistreated, I might retreat or growl. I might even bite. Dogs that bite are typically euthanized. It’s the same with people. If you bite someone after being mistreated, you are blocked out of their life forever. You are ignored. People never speak to you again. You don’t exist. You are dead to them. In other words, people treat you like a dog no matter what body you inhabit. We are supposed to appreciate love when we can get it and when we love we should never expect love in return. When we are mistreated, we should cower and apologize. Buddy lucked out when he arrived here. So did Ruger, Miss Annie and the Duchess, Jazz and Georgia. I loved them and they loved me. It was magic. It is still magic with Buddy and my heart will break into a million pieces when he leaves me to be with Ruger, Miss Annie, the Duchess, Jazz and Georgia.

Yes, I think I’d like to be a dog but only if I could find a forever home with someone who loves me. Maybe I could be a puppy with a little boy who will play with me and we can sleep together. There is no guarantee of that is there?

On second thought, maybe I should be a cat.

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