The dog’s food and water dishes get empty from time to time. No one has to say, “I’ll take care of it.” Mumford has accidents on the piddle pads regularly. No one has to say, “I’ll take care of it.” The Budster and Duchess gets wiggly and walk toward the door. No one has to say, “I’ll take care of it.” We don’t have to make an announcement that we are going to do what has to be done.

A house is on fire, the father looks up to the second story window and shouts to his young son, “Jump, I’ll catch you!” There is no doubt that the child believes and trusts his dad but jumping out of that window takes more than faith, doesn’t it? He has to act on his faith in his dad and after committing to that jump, his mind is a mass of scattered marbles until he lands into his father’s arms.

As I wrote in an earlier Morning Zoo, I had a very bad day at work. In fact, I had a bad week. The kind of week where you lose sleep over something that you can’t fix. In the midst of this horrible week, I heard God say, “I’ll take care of it,” and I didn’t believe Him. I mean, I believed Him because He said it but my actions did not reflect my faith. I still lost sleep, I still dreaded going to work and I still had a knot in my stomach. Trust me, a knot in my stomach is a bad thing, but that’s another story for another time.

Yes, I will miraculously connect these stories. 🙂

The dogs get a little upset when they see the empty bowls at our house. They trust us but there is still that twinge of the unknown. We refill the bowls without explanation or reprimand.

After catching his son, the father doesn’t scold the young boy for being afraid because he knows that jumping out of a window of a burning building is a scary thing for a young child (or an old man or a frog or any other living thing, except a bird. It probably wouldn’t bother a bird.)

Through absolutely no fault of my own, my job security turned from the normal state of precarious to dire. God always takes care of me/us and He shouldn’t have to announce, “I’ll take care of it,” but this time He did and He didn’t use the words, “you big dummy” in the sentence either, even though He probably should have.

The dog’s dishes are full, somewhere today, a father saved his son’s life, and my week ended on a positive note at the office because God took care of it. There is no doubt in anyone’s mind that He changed someone’s heart.

I didn’t forget about God’s love for me this week. I didn’t doubt that my Father is all knowing and all powerful and as I was falling and my mind was a mass of scattered marbles but He caught me and He held me because He loves me.

Whatever is going on in your life, God wants you to know that He’ll take care of it and He won’t be upset if you have the jitters.

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