We are told that Pit Bulls are extremely aggressive. They can snap without warning and they should never be trusted around children. Ruger was a pit that we rescued and I was hoping that he would be a right proper farm dog, protecting the house and property. He was so friendly that it was embarrassing and he was the best babysitter anyone could hope for. He loved children. If they became unruly, he would gently bump them, knocking them on their butt and then he would sit on them. The children would then laugh and laugh.

Everyone knows that coon dogs do not make good pets. They are aloof and unteachable, at least that’s what people believe. Jazz, a Black and Tan that we rescued, came to us so badly beaten that we didn’t think she would make it through the night. She did survive but she was so frightened that it was weeks before she would let us pet her and months before we could sneak in a hug. Eventually, she became the biggest lover dog. She loved hugs and would get in my face every night until I loved and hugged her. Georgia, another Black and Tan we rescued also took a while to come around but she too enjoys special time with lots of pets and lovin’s.

Some people are racist, believing that one race to be superior to others. Some are sexist, favoring men over women or women over men and some are breedist, discriminating against particular breeds of dogs. I made that word up but it fits, doesn’t it?

We cannot get insurance on our home because years ago, when the agent came out to inspect, he saw Sergeant, our old, nearly blind and toothless German Shepherd. Bully breed! Dangerous client! Do not insure! We contacted several insurance companies and were denied by them all. We have been blacklisted. It happens more than you might imagine. They are alarmists.

You cannot reason with someone who is “ist” in one form or another, be it race, gender or breed. Once a stereotype is born, it lives forever. I studied the history of stereotypes in college and learned that each one leveraged a perception to become the basis for prejudice. To the uneducated mind, perception and bias, however unreasonable, skew the facts to become truth. The fable is passed from person to person and repeated until it is believed beyond a shadow of doubt.

Unfortunately, religion is not immune to such perception and bias and that is why there are so many religions and denominations. You have to speak in tongues or you’ll go to hell. You have to be immersed when baptised or you’ll go to hell. You have to say God’s name correctly or you’ll go to hell. Eternal damnation and torment is the price people will pay for not agreeing with a particular religious bias. I am better than you are and my God loves me more because I am right and you are wrong.

I know someone who believed that the Care Bears were of the devil. She also believed that BackStreet Boys and Nintendo were of the devil. Yep. You roll your eyes but that woman home-schooled her kids and screwed their little brains up. Public schools are is evil. Everyone is evil but her.

Everyone needs a bogeyman. Everyone needs an enemy. We cluster together with those who share our beliefs and form our own society or church because we are right and the rest of the world is wrong. They are the bogeyman! They are the enemy! Damn them for disagreeing with us! God will damn them to hell!

Animal shelters kill pit bulls, white armies kill brown people, brown armies kill white people and abortionists kill unwanted babies. Meanwhile, religious people hate everyone but their churchy friends.

I heard about a woman who had been married five times and was living with another guy she wasn’t even married to. No decent Christian would associate with a slut like that, would they? No church worth its salt would allow her sit in their pew. A woman like that is definitely going to hell, right? Right? I mean, we can all quote the scriptures that say fornicators and adulterers are going to hell, can’t we?

1 Corinthians 5:11
But now I have written unto you not to keep company, if any man that is called a brother be a fornicator, or covetous, or an idolater, or a railer, or a drunkard, or an extortioner; with such an one no not to eat.

How about John Chapter 4?

Don’t be an *ist.


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