It was sort of a slow day here, winding the week down and getting ready for the weekend. Not much happening in the office or on the home front. Even the dogs were quieter than normal. I guess that’s good. The Budster was sleeping in the hall by the bathroom door all day as he has been doing lately. Whenever I’d walk by, he’d lift his head and I would give him some lovin’s because he’s a good dog, you know. I’d walk out of the family room, pets. I’d walk back to the family room, pets. All day. Periodically he’d get up and follow me and that would be my cue to take him outside. On one such trip he walked to the end of the driveway, did his business and then looked into the distance for what seemed like a long time. I didn’t interrupt and say we should go back inside but rather gave him as much time as he needed. He finally walked over to me and pressed his forehead against my leg. More lovin’s. When I told him, “It’s okay,” he looked up at me for a moment and then buried his head in my leg again.

A lot of things are okay now and if they aren’t, they will be eventually. It’s okay to miss Annie and the hurt will be okay eventually. It’s okay for Buddy now that he is home and his heart worm treatment is done. It’s okay now. It’s okay now that Nimbus, our latest rescue cat, is home and healing. Mumford was lost and starving but it’s okay now. Sophie was brutalized and her leg was chopped off but we can tell her it’s okay now. It feels good to be able to say, “It’s okay” to all of our fur babies. It’s a milestone. It’s something they never had before. Life was miserable and even at risk but it’s okay now.

I am so looking forward to hearing God say that to me. On that day…on that day He will hold me close and He will say, “It’s okay now.” And it will be okay. Everything will be okay.

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Joyce Ellis is the CEO and Caretaker of WarmFuzzy's Animal Shelter & Sanctuary. She was born with the vision, the Energizer Bunny who keeps going and going. She is Fuzzy1 of all WarmFuzzy's.

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