What a festive time we had!

I took the Budster and the Duchess outside around five this morning. Yes, I often get up that early. Much later, Mumford came in to tell me she wanted out. GOOD GIRL! The Duchess and Miss Annie decided to go too. We can do this. I told the Budster we’d be right back. I snapped the long leash on Mumford while Miss Annie and the Duchess crowded against the door. When I opened it, they all ran out…followed by the Budster. WAIT! STOP! I grabbed him by his harness as the rest ran off and Mumford soon came to the end of her leash. OOOF! I couldn’t get the Budster back inside the house to get another leash so there I stood in a quandary with him in one hand and Mumford’s leash in the other. I thought for a split second and then snapped the other end of the long leash on the Budster’s harness and off we went. I somewhat evened out the length of leash so the two had nearly the same run but it wasn’t necessary. They both stopped at the same time and did their business and off we went again, this time accompanied by Miss Annie and the Duchess. We’re a team!

The four and me walked the circuit in the yard together. I’m sure we were a sight to behold. When Mumford had to do a bit more business, everyone stopped and waited and when she finished, everyone started walking again. We were doing great until we rounded the corner and got to Mom’s car. Mumford went around one side and the Budster went around the other. This isn’t going to work. It took a bit of persuasion but we got it sorted out. Over to the door and up the ramp they went, everyone crowding, trying to be first in line. I couldn’t get to the door to open it so I squeezed my way through the crowd unsnapping leashes as I went, hoping not to lose a dog to a last second impulse. I opened the door and they all ran inside happy as could be.

We had a blast while Mom was still sleeping through two alarms she had set.
She misses most of the fun.

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