We’ve got antenna TV, Netflix, Amazon Prime, lots of other channels and it’s nearly impossible to find anything to watch because I have a lot of rules about what I watch. No movies or television shows about war or with people hurting animals or other people, physically or mentally. I know it happens. I’m sorry. I don’t want to watch it. No movies with a political or gender or racial agenda. It’s over. I’m full now. Go away. Enjoy your life but remember, the wages of sin is death. I’m not a grump. I didn’t turn into a wuss. Life happened to me. I’m worn out, fed up and I am entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of shut up and leave me alone.

Now that we got that out of the way, here’s the story. I was at my desk, working. As is his custom, Buddy was laying on the floor next to me, taking a nap. He likes naps. Who doesn’t? Anyway, here comes Monty. Monty loves Buddy. Buddy is Monty’s dog. Buddy didn’t get to vote on it. Closer and closer, Monty slowly approached his friend. He just wanted to lie down next to him.

Monty paused for a moment and then proceeded to edge closer.
“That’s okay, I’ll just lay down here.”

Buddy is not a grump. Life happened to him. He’s worn out, fed up and he’s entitled to life, liberty and the pursuit of shut up and leave me alone. I understand this. You know I do.

People tend to project their own mental, physical, or emotional state and standards onto others. We judge people by our own ethnocentrism, we weigh them against our tilted scale of me, me, and more me. It’s all about me. I’m right and everyone else is wrong because they weigh more or have more money or education or pee differently. Did I mention spiritual stuff? Yeah, people foam at the mouth over that stuff. My spiritual stuff is better than your spiritual stuff because I said so. I can’t prove any of it but I’ll fight you or condemn you or cast you out if you are different because I am all that matters but deep deep down inside I’m afraid I might be wrong so don’t question my rabid opinion of the unknown.

That behavior doesn’t change until a person has the waddin’ stomped out of them. Until someone has walked through the valley of the shadow of death once or twice, what they have to say matters little. Don’t tell me how much you have or how successful you are or how smart you are or how happy you are. Don’t tell me what you believe or how you feel. Don’t tell anyone. First of all, nobody cares. Secondly, they’ll instinctively know after just being around you for a short time. They’ll either respect you or they’ll think you’re an idiot and life is the only thing that can wash the idiot off of you.

So, back to Buddy and Monty (or whatever other animal you come across). Take the time to understand them. Chances are they don’t need restraint of correction and damn few of them deserve punishment. Like you and me, they deserve patience and understanding especially if life has happened to them.

Buddy understands that. Monty understands that. Even though they are as different as different can be, they get along well because they don’t project their needs or standards onto each other. Wouldn’t it be nice if we could all be like Buddy and Monty?

Now, go away and leave me alone.


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