We found Lucy lying on the side of the road across from our driveway. BIG dog. We took her in and set off to look for her Mommy and Daddy. When we found them, they told us they did not want her back. They had found her hungry and lost and they couldn’t find a rescue or shelter that would take her. You see, Lucy likes people but she doesn’t like other animals. HATES ‘possums. Not fond of cats and does not play well with other dogs. Lucy had a reputation. Local shelters could not find a foster home to take her. One shelter said they would give her a temperament test and if she failed they would “put her down.” We knew that would not end well so we kept her.

Lucy’s introduction to Buddy did not go well. On the first visit, Lucy gave a low, fearsome growl, frightening Buddy, and on another visit, Lucy bit Buddy. No one bites Buddy! Lucy was also very aggressive with cats so for nearly nine months we worked with her while keeping her gated on one side of the house and the cats on the other.

Here is the outcome.

Mind you, the cat in these photos is Lewis. Lewis is an asshole. He has always been an asshole. We’ve had to keep him separated from the other cats for years because he wants to fight and those fights usually mean a trip to the vet. The other dogs we’ve had have all felt the pain of Lewis’ claws and they were terrified of him. Lewis likes Lucy and Lucy likes Lewis. We call them the Odd Couple.

While not every rescued animal will be a complete success story, most of them can when given enough patience and love, and understanding.

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