Lucy at the Vet

Lucy had a sleep-over last at our place last night where she got some good food, some lovin’s and a good night sleep on a warm blanket. Today she went to the vet where they tended her wound and she is now up to date on her vaccinations. Oh, and she is heart worm negative. (YEA!)  In searching for Lucy’s mommy and daddy, we happened upon a distant neighbor who recognized her, told us her name and where she lived.  Lucy’s mommy and daddy weren’t home when we stopped by but we know where this man works and called his employer to pass the message along for him to come and get his dog. No, we will not simply release the dog outside to find her way home nor will we just dump the dog back into the man’s yard. When he comes by to get his dog, Lucy’s daddy will get the speech about properly caring for an animal.

The man Lucy’s daddy works for knows us. He is very familiar with WarmFuzzy’s and I do believe Lucy’s daddy will get a speech/warning before he comes by.

BTW, Lucy made quite an impression with the folks at the vet clinic. She’s such a sweet little girl..

Another WarmFuzzy’s happy ending. 🙂

Update: Lucy’s Mommy called. They do not want the dog.

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