Fred passed away today, October 8, 2008
He was not alone, Rod was with him.

Fred was dumped on our door step last year.  He was a big black long haired male cat .  We had to put him in a pen all by himself because all he wanted to do was to fight with the other cats at WarmFuzzy's.  We got him neutered & vaccinated.  It wasn't until he became very sick that he finally decided he didn't want to be a big bad mean cat any more.  In fact, he became one of the biggest, sweetest lover kitties.  And he loved Rod the most.  Rod could do anything to Fred, not so much anybody else.

A few months back we snatched Fred from the grip of death and he came to live with us in our house.  He became a window cat, sitting or laying on the wide ledges of our windows watching the world go by outside purring away.  He was content.   He spent most of his time in Joyce's office but every once in a while would hippity hop over the gate and go for a wander around the house.  We would find him curled up in some little nook, usually by Rod's desk in the family room.

We didn't know it when we took Fred in but we found out later that he was a very elderly cat.  I couldn't believe that someone could dump an elderly cat.  To me it's like taking one of your parents, dumping them in a nursing home and walking away, never going back to see them. 

Fred didn't deserve that. 

We loved Fred dearly and were not ready to say goodbye to him. 

-- Joyce



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