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Born May of 2001 - Died August 27, 2002

Taco always looked like he just woke up.  His fur was just a little mussed up every hour of the day.

Taco got his name because when he was a kitten, he looked like the dog in the Taco Bell commercials.  He eventually grew into his ears, but never grew into his tail, which was his pride and joy.  His tail had so much fur, it appeared to be as big around as his body.  The fur ran down his hind legs which made him appear as though he were wearing 'fuzzy britches', which soon became his nickname. 

Taco had a bit of an attitude with the ability to be cute in the process. You would almost be put off by his actions, but couldn't because he was so cute when he told you off.  He would jump on the sofa next to you, flick his tail and run off when you tried to pet him.  Taco was such a tease.

He tolerated some people, ran from most and loved mom.  If she walked by, he would run to the doorway and lean against the child gate looking as precious as could be, waiting to be petted.  Mom could not resist.  How could she??

One day, we noticed that Taco was not feeling well.  A trip to the vet revealed the unthinkable.  Taco had Feline Leukemia and was dying.  Sadly, we had to put him to sleep.

It's amazing how such a character can weave themselves into your life.  Normally, you would not tolerate such a snot, but when one this cute comes along, you cannot help but love them.

Taco will always have a place in mom's heart.  No one will ever take his place.  Even the other kitties miss him.

Good bye Taco.  We love you.

Rod (Gentle) Ellis gentle@gentle.org 
Date: Tue, 10 Sep 2002 10:19AM


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