Before the sun had embarked on its morning journey, we took the dogs outside to relieve some biological tension but for some reason they didn’t want to go. They always want to go outside early in the morning. We hadn’t discussed our plans for the day with them but somehow they all seemed to know that something was different about this morning. Animals get nervous when they sense things are not quite right but life must go on even in the face of impending unpleasantness. The Budster mustered a token pee, Mumford rose to the occasion with addled exuberance, Miss Annie was reluctant at first but eventually relieved and the Duchess hid herself under the dining table and would not come out. It took a lot of coaxing on Mom’s part to get her to go outside. She’s sensitive, you know. We finally got on the road, leaving behind four unsettled fur babies. Mom was going to the vet.

When going to the vet, the Budster eagerly gets into the car, enjoys the ride and when we get there, he is very friendly with everyone. Miss Annie is reluctant to get in the car and when we get there, she glues herself to the floor and won’t move. It’s like she gains fifty pounds through some sort of cosmic repositioning and trust me, that is one heavy dog to skooch into the examining room. Mumford goes with the flow and is glad to get home and the Duchess never seems to need a vet visit other than an occasional vaccination.

Not all trips to the vet have happy endings and that’s all I’m going to say about that. Dogs know these things. Whenever one of the dogs gets home from the vet, the others gather around and sniff them from tip to tail to make sure everything is intact and all is well.

This morning, Mom climbed into the car with little coaxing and was rather subdued during the ride there. The visit was most unpleasant for her but she behaved herself and cooperated with the vet. I was so proud of her! He took some pictures and samples and then showed us the pictures and said he would get back with us soon. He didn’t show us the samples, thank you. Mom was relieved to get out of that place and because she was so good I stopped on the way home to get her a treat, Starbucks Double Shot Mocha and powdered donuts, her favorite.

When we got home, I opened the front door and all of the dogs ran out to greet Mom. Mumford said, “Hi ya,” and headed for the tall grass while the others sniffed Mom from tip to tail to make sure everything was intact and all is well. The Budster had a lot to say and Mom patiently listened. Mostly he was really glad to see her but he also tattled and said that Annie was little Miss Bossy Pants. I suppose some of that was to be expected because Miss Annie had a lot of responsibility taking care of everyone while we were gone. After Mom assured them that the vet didn’t hurt her and she was fine, they were all relieved and life soon returned back to normal. For now.

Going to the vet is never fun for anyone and while dogs are often justifiably unsettled by the experience, they are quick to empathize with others who undergo the unpleasantness of being poked, prodded and stuck. It’s traumatic to watch one of their own leave for one of those appointments and every time they make it home, there is a celebration. Today they celebrated with Mom.

The Budster has since forgiven Miss Annie for being a tad overbearing, the Duchess is feeling better because the family is together again, Mumford is looking for a plate to lick and Miss Annie is exhausted from what I am sure was an eventful day with those houligans.

Did you know that eating out of the litter box will make your poop dry and bumpy? Maybe next time Mom should feed the dogs before we leave. Mumford. ’nuff said. 

Have a wonderful evening and may all your trips to the vet end with powdered donuts and a welcoming committee.

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