Duchess barks, Mumford howls (and it is so cute), the Budster growls when we are playing growly hands and whines when he’s upset by a sound under the house, which is probably a cat. His whine is so sad it almost makes you cry.

Many people say that their animals talk to them and they can understand what they are saying, which I don’t doubt. We know that man could communicate with the animals in the garden. Eve thought nothing of a talking serpent (Genesis 3:1) and who could forget Balaam’s ass? (Numbers 22:21-38) Some believe that before the flood all of the animals could talk but there is no scriptural proof to that. [shrug] A lot of things were different before the flood so who’s to say?

I was wondering, when God and man conversed with the animals in the garden, what language did they speak? It was obviously not English or Spanish, French or German. You see where I am going with this, don’t you? It would stand to reason that they probably spoke ancient Hebrew.

When we speak to our fur kids, most of the time they seem to know what we are saying. Other times, they look at us as if they haven’t a clue.

Maybe we should learn some Hebrew and speak to them in their native tongue.

That’s something to think about, isn’t it?

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