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Warmfuzzy's is not your run of the mill animal rescue or shelter.

Franklin is available for adoption.

Franklin is available for adoption.

Franklin likes other cats. He enjoys lying near a window so he can see the world outside. He loves to be petted, will tolerate being held for a limited time, and will sometimes find a lap. He's a bit shy at first, but warms up quickly.

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Meet Lucy

Meet Lucy

Lucy is a lovable 1.5 - 2 year old brindle Lab/Boxer mix, up to date on vaccinations, housebroken, good with kids, not so good with other dogs or cats. She's is playful and loves to ride in the car. She knows "sit," "no," and "You want to go outside?"

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Chloe Is Waiting For You

Chloe Is Waiting For You

Chloe is a spayed female about 8 years old. She has the torti-tude with other cats.
While she would prefer to be the only cat, she would do okay with one or two other cats. She is very sweet with people, and likes to snuggle with her human, especially in bed.

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Sister Switch

Buddy: “I heard Mom and Dad say they’ll be taking me to the vet again.” Annie: “What for?” Buddy: “Something about worms but I don’t have worms.” Annie: “Check your poop?” Buddy: “Yep, no worms. They said I had ‘em in my heart or something.” Annie: “Can’t check there.” Buddy: “Nope. I don’t want to…

Morning Cartoon

Me: “Who wants to go outside?” The Budster: “Oh yeah.” The Duchess: “I’m coming.” Miss Annie: “Count me in.” Me: “Mumford, what about you?” Mumford: “I like spaghetti.” The three and me meet at the door and I snapped the Budster’s leash on. As I’m opening the door, Mumford shows up. Mumford: “I wanna go!”…

A Delightful Evening

The Budster had a wonderful day full of naps and lovin’s and then the evening came. Early on he wanted to go outside and so we went, of course. He did a little bit of business, we took a short walk and then came back inside. A few minutes later he wanted to go out…

Coffee Beans

Mumford: What are you doing? Me: Grinding coffee beans. Mumford: I like coffee beans. Me: You don’t like coffee beans. You like food. Mumford: Coffee beans are food. Me: They’re not food. I don’t have any food. Mumford: I know you have food. Hand it over. Me: Joy, have you fed this dog? Joy: Yes,…

The Dog Angel

The sun was setting and the temperature was dropping. It would be the last hard freeze of the winter. We were getting the house ready, faucets dripping so the pipes would not freeze and firewood gathered for the night. We were standing in the kitchen when I saw something out of the corner of my…

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