Sometimes it takes a while to understand.

This is the third day that Mumford has been acting strangely. She started off laying in the hallway instead of in front of her fan. We’d coax her into the kitchen for breakfast and then she returned to the hallway again. Weird. She acted as though someone had hurt her feelings or something, like she was reluctant to come out. Later, we’d find her in front of her fan and we thought she’d gotten over it but later still, we’d find her in the bathroom, Miss Annie’s roost. She’s just been acting quirky. Today, she was lying in the Budster’s cubby, working over a chew toy. When the Budster entered the room, Mumford warned him with a ROOO! and he backed away. I went over and assessed the situation but I didn’t run her off. I was still trying to figure her out. I comforted the Budster who then went back into the other room to lie down. After Mumford left, the Budster came back and laid down in his cubby. Mumford then came back to the cubby and tried to crowd him out. That’s when I stepped in and said no.

Buddy’s feelings were hurt because that’s his cubby, his safe place and Mumford violated his space. There was no malice involved, just Mumford being Mumford. She gets hyper-focused at times and lacks social graces. She lacks respect for others’ things.

Something’s gotten into her recently and we’ve been trying to figure it out. Today, Joy had an idea that most might find weird but it may have merit. Full moon. More than a normal full moon. A very strange, unique full moon and eclipse. It’s possible, I suppose.

I’ve been extra special nice to Mumford lately because her behavior doesn’t deserve reprimand, it deserves attention. Sometimes it takes a while to understand. A little extra on a plate to lick, some special pets when I walk by. You know, encouragement. It’s okay Mumford. Be yourself, just…try to be nice.

The Budster’s feelings got hurt today because he didn’t understand why Mumford was behaving that way toward him. He internalized it. So, here we are showing attention to Mumford and the Budster at the same time for different reasons. Miss Annie and the Duchess take Mumford in stride. When she gets ‘different’ they just stay out of her way. You might say she’s got some baggage but if you could have seen her when she first arrived, you’d know how far she’s come. She may never get over some things and that’s okay. She’s happy now the way things are.

Meanwhile, the Budster has a new thing that he’s been doing. He wants to go outside whenever I do for whatever reason. I go out to bring in a package delivered by FedEx, he wants to go with me. Checking the mail, he’s right by my side. He’s not out to do business, just taking a stroll with Dad. He’s not clingy, he’s just interested. It’s sort of cute. We’re buddies.

[a few minutes later]

Mumford ran into the room and over to my desk, all bouncy. “Do you want to go outside?” Off she ran. She sometimes runs to the kitchen wanting food but this time I found her waiting at the front door, all bouncy. We went out, she RAN to the grass, I told her to go potty, she did and then RAN back to the house. Good girl! A little out of character but good girl. She is now prowling around in the kitchen. Strange.

It takes a while to understand both animals and people. Most folks don’t take the time. They’re just not interested in getting to know anyone else because they don’t know themselves yet. You have to step outside of your own world if you ever want to grow beyond yourself. Those who aren’t interested in doing that are easy to identify. They’re the shallow, self-centered ones. They’re filler in society and they don’t serve much of a purpose other than to take up space and feel self-important.

I am blessed and I learn from almost everyone, especially animals because they don’t muddy a relationship with words. It’s worth the time and effort to get to know them. I think it’s worth the time and effort to get to know me too but there aren’t many waiting in line for that bizarre experience. That’s okay, my dance card is full anyway.

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