It was one of those nights when I couldn’t fall asleep. I wasn’t overly stressed about anything in particular, my mind just wouldn’t shut down. My back hurts. Let’s walk through the steps to secure that new Linux computer I just built. What will I have for breakfast in the morning? Will this rain ever stop so I can get some work done outside? Is that a tick crawling on me? That sort of stuff. Around three-o-clock I decided to get out of bed because lying there in that state wasn’t doing any good. Grab a snack. Chat with the Missus and irritate her for a while. Tinker on the computer. I’m sleepy but not enough to fall asleep yet. Log into the office and check my email. I should not have done that. Stupid stuff from stupid people sirring up trouble. It is now four-o-clock and I am so angry I’ll never get to sleep. I decided to try anyway because I have to get up in two hours. I crawled in bed, laid my head on the pillow and strewed over the email. This isn’t going to work. I may as well stay up and try to catch a nap later in the day.

I felt the bed move a little and looked over. Monty had crawled into bed and positioned himself right up against my head. Ya got enough pillow there, little buddy? He scooched close, settled down and began to purr.

“Go to sleep, Dad.”
“I’ll try.”
“Pet me.”

And I fell asleep.

I wondered how Monty knew exactly what I needed when I needed it. The only answer to that question is that he loves me and he pays attention to me even if I am not paying attention to him. And then I made the connection. God always seems to give me exactly what I need when I need it…for the very same reason.

Thank you for reminding me, Monty.

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