Buddy suddenly appears in a bright, wonderful place that he has never seen before: “Whoa!”
Annie: “Hey Buddy.”
Buddy: “Annie! What just happened?”
Annie: “This is the other side, Buddy. You crossed the bridge.”
Duchess: “How are you feeling?”
Buddy: “Uh, great now that you mention it. I wasn’t doing too good there for a while.”
Duchess: “We know. We’ve been watching over you.”
Buddy: “Hey Ruger!”
Ruger: “Dude, how’s it going? You are going to have a blast here.”
Mumford: “Hi Buddy. Good to see you.”
Buddy: “Georgia! You’re looking…good. Real good!”
Mumford. “Feelin’ good, Buddy. It’s great to see you again. We’ve been waiting for you.”
Jazz: “Hi Buddy, I’m Jazz. We never met before but…”
Buddy: “I know you. Wait, how do I know you?”
Annie: “That happens a lot here. Just roll with it.”
Buddy: “This is weird, the last thing I remember was…I remember…Dad was saying, ‘We love you, Buddy.’ He said it over and over and he and Mom were petting me. I kinda fell asleep and…this is weird. I was sick and I hurt so bad but I’m not sick anymore. I feel great.”
Ruger: “There is no pain or sickness here. It’s pretty cool. See? I don’t have cancer anymore.”
Buddy: “But what about Mom and Dad? They’ll be sad if I’m not there. They’ll miss me. Wait, I can see them and they are sad! Mom! Dad! I’m okay! Don’t cry. Don’t cry.”
Annie: “They can’t hear you, Buddy. At least I don’t think they can. Sometimes I think Dad can hear me.”
Duchess: “And me.”
Ruger: “And me too. Sometimes.”
Buddy: “Dad, can you hear me? Can you hear me, Dad?”
Dad: “I hear you, Buddy.”
Ruger: “Dude! That’s awesome!”
Buddy: “He’s crying. I don’t want him to cry. Don’t cry, Dad. Please don’t cry. Aw, Mom’s crying too. I don’t want them to be sad.”
Duchess: “They’ll cry for a while. We can’t do anything about it.”
Annie: “A long while. It might taper off eventually but they’ll still cry.”
Buddy: “We have to fix it. We have to…we have to…”
Duchess: “There’s nothing that we can do Buddy. They cry because they love us and they miss us. It’s who they are. Their hearts are broken and we can’t fix them.”
Annie: “Love isn’t always happy stuff. Sometimes is sad stuff too. Remember how your heart hurt for them when you were sick and they were taking care of you? You were making a mess and you felt bad that they had to clean it up?”
Buddy: “I didn’t want to make a mess but I couldn’t help it and I felt so bad about it.”
Annie: “They know and they didn’t mind cleaning it up because they love you. They did that for all of us.”
Ruger: “It’s who they are. We were lucky to be with them. You’ll meet some others here that weren’t so lucky.”
Buddy: “What are they going to do now? I mean, they were busy taking care of me and now I’m gone and…they’re crying. What are they going to do?”
Duchess: “This whole love thing works because everyone looks out after everyone.”
Buddy: “Yes, but whenever one of you guys left there was still someone left behind to take care of them and when you guys were all gone they still had me.”
Duchess: “Buddy, when I left you were there to take care of Mom and you did a good job. Now Lucy’s there. She’ll take care of Mom.”
Ruger: “Boy, she’s really good at that but what about Dad? Who’s going to take care of him?”
Annie: “Dad’s going to be fine.”
Ruger: “What do you mean? Mom’s got Lucy but Dad…”
Annie: “Don’t worry about him.”
Duchess: “What did you do, Annie?”
Annie: “Mmmm…you’ll see.”
Mumford: “You guys want to eat?”
Buddy: “I haven’t eaten in days.”
Mumford: “You’re going to love the food here. They have mashed potatoes. Come on, I’ll show you.”

[Dogs walk away]
Following behind, Duchess mutters to Annie: “What did you do, Annie? Tell me.”
Annie: “Let’s just say, Dad’s going to be fine.”
Duchess: “Does he know anything about this?”
Annie: “I’m sure he suspects I’m up to something because he knows me but he doesn’t know any details.”
Duchess: “Does Mom know?”
Annie smiles and keeps walking.
Duchess: “Does Mom know?”
Annie: “I’m not saying another word about it. Mashed potatoes sound good, don’t they?”
Duchess: “I was thinking of biting you in the butt.”
Buddy: “Those two are still like that?”
Ruger: “Some things never change, do they Mumford?”
Mumford: “I love mashed potatoes!”
Ruger: “Told ya.”

Rest in peace, Buddy.
We love you so very much and we miss you.

Revelation 12:4
He will wipe every tear from their eyes. There will be no more death or mourning or crying or pain, for the old order of things has passed away.


~ Rod

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  1. Peggy Paulino -

    That’s a half a box of Kleenex gone. So absolutely beautiful! So comforting. My heart is so with you both. HUGS!

  2. Angela -

    I can just imagine that conversation!
    Thanking you Rod and Joyce, with tears and smiles.

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