May 5, 2017

Today is Buddy’s anniversary. He came home two years ago today. The last two years have been rough for Buddy but he wouldn’t have had those two years had we not rescued him when we did because that poor boy had a bad case of heart worm. In the last two years, he left the yard where he had lived outside for nine years. He left the only home he had known and he found a new one. It was scary for a while but with a lot of love and encouragement, he settled in. He met the girl of his dreams, Annie, and he lost the girl of his dreams when she died. He became good friends with Duchess and Georgia and he lost those friends when they died. He endured nine months of painful heart worm treatment and lived to tell about it but in the end, there was no one to tell because all of his friends were gone. And then along came…the kid. Not just any kid either, a bonkers ape-shit crazy kid named Oliver.

They say one year is like seven years in a dog’s life and if that is true, Buddy has experienced more than fourteen years worth of pain and heartache, love and a broken body. Imagine how much your body has aged in the last two years. Now imagine how much in the last fourteen. I don’t know about you but me and the Missus have aches and pains in places that we didn’t even know we had places and Buddy is right in there with us. His hind end was wobbly when he got here. It got wobblier during his treatment and his hind end has never fully recovered. He trips sometimes and sometimes he falls down but he gets back up again. These days he doesn’t get up as quickly as before but he still gets up and he walks the circuit about eight times every day. We always take the time to walk slowly with him and we don’t mind a bit because we’re moving much slower these days too.

Did I mention that Buddy’s newest ‘friend’ is a bonkers ape-shit crazy kid named Oliver? He’s like a three-year-old on a perpetual caffeine buzz. There is nothing slow about Oliver. There is nothing calm about him except when he sleeps and he doesn’t sleep nearly enough. Buddy often scolds Oliver when he gets out of control and sometimes he just needs to get away from him so that’s when me and Buddy hide out in the family room together just like old times.

Yep, today is Buddy’s anniversary and we’re gonna fix him a couple quarter pound hamburger patties to celebrate. Might even throw in some of his favorite veggies. No cake or party hats, no singing or dancing, just a quiet night at home with old friends…and one bonkers ape-shit crazy kid.

Our hearts and minds say the last two years flew by fast while our bodies whisper, “Fourteen”.

Happy anniversary Buddy. Thank you for changing all of our lives.

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