3:13am – Mumford
6:10am – The Budster

Fur babies have no concept of what a weekend means to an adult. They go for the gusto whenever the spirit moves them. Mumford pawed at me until I got up and took her outside. All she did was walk around and enjoy the night air. [expletive deleted] At least the Budster quickly watered the grass and went back to bed. Good dog!

Since then, all of the doggies have been outside at least once (again). Mumford finally did her stuff and then wanted to explore and explore some more. Let’s explore some more. Let’s not! She has a rather head-strong serendipitous nature and I finally had to get her attention with a tug on the leash to convince her to break away and come back inside. Now, she is snoring by the back door, oblivious to the world around her. What a simple creature. The Duchess is in protecting Mom from big bully bad guys (yes, she is still asleep), Buddy is in his cubby kissing his fan and Miss Annie is sprawled in the bathroom so you’re out of luck unless you are a desperate contortionist.

I have reheated my first cup of coffee three times. [holding up four fingers] If I miss the opportunity to caffeinate one more time, I’m heading back to bed. No, I’m sleeping in the car. A good general knows when to retreat.

Did I mention that Mumford got me up at 3:13am to go outside and smell the night air? [expletive deleted]

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