It takes a lot of money and hard work to care for our fur babies. We at WarmFuzzys need the support of the community so that we can continue to offer that care.  We appreciate your gifts and donations more than our words can ever express but there is one other thing that you can do that will make a huge difference and it doesn’t cost anything. Prayer.

We pray for our fur babies. I think they pray for us too. They communicate with God in ways that we can’t and sometimes I’m jealous of that, but back to our situation. As I said, we pray for our fur babies when they are hurt and sick and sometimes just in general. We also pray for each other because the caregiver needs as much help as the ones they are caring for. So while we appreciate your gifts and donations, we ask for your prayers as well. It doesn’t cost anything, maybe just a few minutes of your time but that prayer will reach the ears of God and it will touch His heart and He will touch you and us.

The next time you are talking to God, mention Rod and Joy. He knows us.
Thank you. We really mean it. Thank you for your prayers.

We greatly appreciate your support.

The work that we do at WarmFuzzy's is possible because of gifts and donations from people like you. Thank you for all that you do for us so that we can continue to help those who cannot help themselves.