A what is a something. It could be a tangible, like a toaster or it could be a task, etc. If you can point to something and say, “What…” it’s a what.
“What is that?” It’s a toaster.
“What are you doing?” Fixing the toaster.

Whats are different than whys, whos, and hows.

When the Budster arrived, he was fearful of the whats he didn’t understand. He didn’t understand fans, squeaky toys or chew bones. He was inundated with new whats like blankets, flashlights, toast crust and the pesky collar he was required to wear. The biggest whats he encountered was his many trips to the vet and his deteriorating health. Because those particular whats were so devastating and he didn’t know why and he surely didn’t know how, he had to trust who. We were the who that he learned to trust. We knew the what (Heart Worm), we knew he needed the treatment (another what) and we trusted the who (vet) who knew how. The Budster didn’t need to know why or how because he trusted the who that knew the why, what and how. Ya got that?

People are obsessed with knowing why when they barely know what and that obsession distracts us from who knows how. Do you really need to know why you are up to our neck in alligators when you should be focused on who knows how to get you out?

ISIS threatens to destroy the Middle East, Europe and ultimately the world. That’s a what. An earthquake and the tsunami that followed devastated the Fukushima nuclear power plants which are now spewing death onto the land and into ocean. That’s another what. N.Korea, Iran and other countries are threatening the U.S. with nuclear destruction, another what. The attack on 9/11 was a what. The major drought in California is a what.

People want to understand why these things became whats and they look to the smaller whos for answers. The smaller whos may or may not even know why and they surely don’t know how to do anything. Whenever they don’t know the answer, they say it’s climate change. So now you have a bogus why and you still need who and how.

Long ago I stopped asking God why because why isn’t important unless it’s my fault, in which case I already know why. God knows why things happen and He knows what to do. He is our Who. We don’t need to know why or how because we know Who.

1 Peter 5:7
Casting all your care (what) on Him (Who) because He cares for you (how).

If you have some what going on in your life and you don’t know why or how, just hand it over to Who and let him take care of it. The Budster is glad he did and you will be too.

Here is a picture of a yak.
Don’t ask me why. 🙂

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