Buddy stopped eating three days ago. He is still drinking water which is good. That will keep his kidneys working. When they stop drinking, it’s over. Organs shut down and you start counting down the hours instead of days. Because Buddy stopped eating, he hasn’t been getting his medication either. We have to hide it in food or he simply will not take it. Period. We cooked ground beef for him. No good. We baked a turkey for him, which he loves. We were able to get him to eat a little of that a few days ago. He doesn’t want any more of that. Fried eggs, which he likes. Nope. Nothing.

This afternoon I had an idea. The store in town sometimes has fresh smoked ribs and I wondered if we might like some of those. We simply had to get some food and medications down him so I took a drive into town and came back with our last hope.


Buddy ate some ribs with his pills neatly tucked inside of the meat and then had another small bowl of meat.

Over the years we have cooked poultry, beef roast, eggs, and anything else we thought might work. We also try different canned and fresh foods. I would fix Buddy a Porterhouse steak if I thought that he would eat it.

How far are you willing to go to save a life?

BTW, that slab of ribs is nearly gone now.
We’ll figure something out for tomorrow when it gets here.

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