They find us. We don’t know how but they find us.
They ask for help knowing that we will not turn them away.

A week or so we noticed a small black kitty hanging around our place so we put out some food and water. Kitty footprints around the bowl and no ‘possum or raccoon prints meant that ‘she’ was getting fed. From what we could tell she was holed up under our house. Eventually, we spied a couple kittens and we knew why momma cat was hanging around. A couple of days ago, the kittens showed up behind the house without their Mommy. We put some food and water out for them figuring their Mommy was close by, maybe scouting for food or running an errand.  This morning, the kittens showed up at the back door acting as if they wanted in the house.
“Where’s our Mommy?”

…so we fed them.

Those little critters were hungry!

They growled over a can of food and quickly finished it so we gave them another can. One kitten wouldn’t share so we put out a third can of food. Kittens shouldn’t be this hungry. Winter is no time for kittens to be outside. Where is their Mommy?

Later that morning, the kittens showed up again without Mom and we knew we had to do something.

After a little coaxing, they came to the door, we picked them up and put them in a carrier. Very friendly.

We’ll be keeping an eye out for Mom cat and we’ll trap her if she shows up.

After the kittens are vetted they will be put up for adoption.

They find us. We don’t know how but they find us.

Did someone dump a pregnant cat?

Any help for vetting, care, and feeding you can offer these babies will be greatly appreciated.

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  1. Kathleen Winn -

    Oh I do hope momma kitty is alright, but no sign of her for a couple of days, with hungry kittens left behind, is not a good sign. 🙁

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