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Warmfuzzy's is not your run of the mill animal rescue or shelter.

The Fur Kids Love Their Mom

The Fur Kids Love Their Mom

No doubt about it, these babies love their Mom.
She can run but she can't hide from their love.

Cuddle Time At WarmFuzzy's

Cuddle Time At WarmFuzzy's

Dad takes time off from cleaning litter boxes to cuddle with the babies and they really know how to cuddle.

Put that sammich down and pet me.

Put that sammich down and pet me.

Monty gives me "the face".
No one can resist "the face".

Shelter Fund Raiser

Fund RaiserWe’re raising funds for WarmFuzzy’s. There are two ways you can help: 1. Shop our online store filled with 1500+ amazing items — we’ll receive 40% of every purchase! 2. Share our fundraiser with your friends + family by posting it to Facebook + Twitter. Your show of support will make all the difference……

Tired Nimbus

Bed Time

Nimbus: “Come to bed, Dad.” Me: “I’ll be there in a few, I’m working on the website.” Nimbus: “You can work on that tomorrow. Come to bed.” Monty: “I want out to see Mom.” Me: “You can’t go out there. Lewis is out there and you know how he gets.” Monty: “But I want to…


The Budster just came bounding into the room and began barking at me. BARK! BARK! “What is it?” BARK! BARK! {wiggle} {wiggle} “Well, let’s go then.” BARK! BARK! and off he went. I found the adorable black bush waiting for me at the front door, wiggling and squirming. The boy really had to go. I…

Sleep In Heavenly Peace

Fur babies are so cute when they sleep, especially when they are dreaming. Their little feets wiggle back and forth and they make adorable little sounds. It looks like they are running and playing. Not all of their dreams are pleasant though. Mumford had some bad dreams after she arrived. We could tell by the…

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