Monthly Archives: July 2015

Sister Switch

Buddy: “I heard Mom and Dad say they’ll be taking me to the vet again.” Annie: “What for?” Buddy: “Something about worms but I don’t have worms.” Annie: “Check your poop?” Buddy: “Yep, no worms. They said I had ‘em in my heart or something.” Annie: “Can’t check there.” Buddy: “Nope. I don’t want to…

Morning Cartoon

Me: “Who wants to go outside?” The Budster: “Oh yeah.” The Duchess: “I’m coming.” Miss Annie: “Count me in.” Me: “Mumford, what about you?” Mumford: “I like spaghetti.” The three and me meet at the door and I snapped the Budster’s leash on. As I’m opening the door, Mumford shows up. Mumford: “I wanna go!”…

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