Pekoe update

Pekoe recovering from having all her teeth removed. Severe stomatitis, infection attacked her gums so badly that part of lower jaw bone was exposed.  She is on heavy duty pain medication, antibiotics and soupy food. Thankfully, she is doing well.    

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  Pekoe went to the vet 8AM this morning. Over the weekend every time she went to eat she would growl, howl, through herself on the floor and paw frantically at her mouth. Pekoe is spending the night so they can continue to administer antibiotics & pain medication – she had all her teeth removed. …

No Baton in a Marathon

One of our sons was a marathon runner in high school. He didn’t even get warmed up until after the first mile. I have no idea how he did it but he’d get his runner’s face on and just keep going and going sort of like the Energizer Bunny and he won a lot of…

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