Yankee Candle Fund raiser

On behalf of WarmFuzzy’s we would like to thank you for your support. We benefit from each item that you purchase.  We hope you enjoy your shopping experience. Please share our group information with friends and family. Thank you again for your support. Group Number: 990089164 Group Name: WARMFUZZY’S Sale Ends: July 11, 2018 Warmfuzzy’s…


Hello from Bobbie

Bobbie says hello.  Warmfuzzy’s took Bobbie (& 2 other ferals) in when their rescuer dad (Carl Nylund) passed away.  Bobbie is a lover kitty once she gets over her shyness with you.  

Mom, It is hot in here.

Dot: Mom, it’s hot in here. Mom: I know Dot. We just don’t have enough money yet to get the new air conditioner. Dot: But I’m really hot Mom. Mom: I found a fan that I’ll hook up. It’s the best I can do sweetie. Dot sad. If you can help Dot feel better by…

Lucy Walks Counter Clockwise

We found Lucy laying beside the road across from the gate to our property. She was cold and hungry and we thought she might be lost. We eventually discovered that she belonged to the neighbors and was prone to getting loose and running around the countryside. When we found her mommy and daddy, they told…

20 Empty food buckets

We need dry cat food.

We have 20 empty cat food buckets. Each bucket holds a 16 lb bag. we go through 2 buckets a week. Visit our Amazon wish list to donate dry cat food. Thank you. (We empty the food into these buckets to keep out rodents) WarmFuzzy’s Wish List    



Gizmo says Hi !  And she would really like it if someone would adopt Lucy so she can have her kitchen back.

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