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Sophie – Our three-legged beauty

Giving Oliver a new life

WarmFuzzy’s is unlike other animal rescues and shelters whose focus is to take in strays and find them homes. We have no revolving door. Most of the animals who come to us have been severely abused, neglected, broken beyond repair, struggling on the last leg of their journey. Jax had been brutally tortured, he was thrown from a car racing down the highway into a barbed wire fence and was then attacked by dogs. Sophie had her leg chopped off. Jazz had been so severely beaten that she suffered internal injuries and brain damage. She was at death’s door and we didn’t think she would live through the first night that she was here. Sadie had been beaten and thrown from a vehicle. She had a fractured spine and was covered with wounds. Georgia was in the final stages of starvation and her organs were shutting down. Oliver had been abused and starved which caused assorted medical and emotional issues. Hosie was sick, starving and nearly dead. She had two paws in the grave when we rescued her and it was touch and go there for a while. Hope suffered a stroke and had pneumonia. Gizmo had been dumped and abandoned in the middle of winter, she was starving, cold, pregnant and she was FeLV positive, and the list goes on and on. Special situations are sometimes referred to us by other animal rescues and some animals simply show up on our doorstep which is a feat unto itself because we are miles from the nearest town. Somehow they know where to come for help.

In addition to the expected expense of feeding and housing, many of our animals incur exorbitant vet bills and require special attention for the rest of their lives. For example, we have one cat in the final stages of kidney failure. That’s four visits to the vet every week for one fur baby and we currently have thirty five in our care. As you can imagine, our medical bills are astronomical and we spend long days and many sleepless nights, offering each animal the special loving care that they deserve.

While we are continue to rescue those in distress and offer shelter, love and care to those in need, WarmFuzzy’s is also a sanctuary and a hospice. WarmFuzzy’s keeps giving when others have given up.

I nicknamed Sadie “Her Sweetness”

This may all sound overwhelming and indeed there are times it is. We cannot physically do it all and we surely cannot afford to do it all. Our consistent and continued success is only possible with the help of tremendous supporters, people who give of their time and money to help these little ones who cannot help themselves, people like you.

WarmFuzzy’s is a 501c3 non-profit organization and your gifts are tax deductible. One hundred percent of all donations go to the care of our animals. No one draws a salary. No one receives any benefits of any kind except the animals. We greatly appreciate any help you can offer.

Every dollar you give will go toward saving lives and bringing comfort and hope to those who have been tormented. Every. Single. Dollar. Don’t walk away. Do this today. Do it now.


We greatly appreciate your support.

The work that we do at WarmFuzzy's is possible because of gifts and donations from people like you. Thank you for all that you do for us so that we can continue to help those who cannot help themselves.