Proposed law would make animal cruelty a felony across the U.S.

Two members of the U.S. House of Representatives re-introduced a bill last week that would make malicious acts of animal cruelty a felony nationwide. A person convicted of the crime could face a fine or up to seven years in prison, or both. read the full article here:


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When It’s Time

More than one veterinarian will tell you that when they are called upon to euthanize an animal 90% of owners don’t want to be in the room during the process. They will tell you that the animal’s last moments are usually spent frantically looking around for their owners. Here is why you don’t want to…

Slow-Motion Determination

Hosie is a small raggedy black cat with no teeth, expressive eyes and a slow-motion determination who has been with us for a little over three years now. He was one of the cats we rescued who had been abandoned in a house when the owner was admitted to the Alzheimer’s ward of a nursing…

Where’s Our Mommy?

They find us. We don’t know how but they find us. They ask for help knowing that we will not turn them away. A week or so we noticed a small black kitty hanging around our place so we put out some food and water. Kitty footprints around the bowl and no ‘possum or raccoon…

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