It’s brutal cold outside, the wind is blowing and the temperature is dropping. As is my custom around this time of night, I took the dogs out (again) to do their business. Two dogs. Two more trips into the cold to add to the several trips we have already taken. Add to that two more trips to carry in more firewood. I was wearing a headlamp and while fetching firewood, I noticed some glowing eyeballs out by our front gate. Cold kitty. Probably hungry kitty. I took one more trip into the cold to take some food out to the cold kitty, some wet and some dry. If he or she didn’t get to the wet food before it froze at least there’d be some dry food.

People have often heard me say that no one should ever be cold or hungry. No one deserves that.

On my way back into the house I said a prayer and asked God to help those who might be cold and/or hungry tonight.

Put out some food and say a prayer. If you can’t put food out, you can still say a prayer, can’t you?

I still have two more trips outside tonight to take the dogs out again. I hope the kitty has a full belly and is burrowed in somewhere warm.

Update: (The following morning) The kitty got a nice meal. We could tell it was the kitty and not a raccoon or ‘possum because there was a little bit of food left around the edges. Those other critters would have completely cleaned the bowl.  Yea kitty!

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