The critters around here get pets and lovin’s during the day and in the evenings but there is one very special time for the Budster. We call it Daddy Love Time and it happens every night right before I roll over and go to sleep. He waits impatiently beside the bed while I get the covers and pillows ready and then when he jumps onto the bed it’s DADDY LOVE TIME! I pet him and hug him as he rolls and groans and flips over so that I can then pet his belly. He will pause periodically between the gymnastics and grab my hand or arm in his mouth. It’s his way of hugging me back. There might even be a bark or two or ten while we play. It’s just him and me and we have such a good time together. Eventually, he’ll lay his head down and enjoy the gentle pets as Dad starts to doze off. After Mom gets the day cats put away and lets out the night cats, she swings by and turns off the light. Buddy then gets down and lays next to the bed. He’ll be there in the morning when I awaken.

Ruger had Daddy Love Time but his was more gentle. He’d climb in bed and press against me. I’d cover him up, he’d give a deep sigh and fall asleep. He was my bed buddy and we kept each other warm on cold nights. Jazz’s love time was at eight-o-clock on the dot every night. She had this built-in clock and she knew when it was time for ear scritches and kisses. The Duchess waits until I’m sitting on the floor in front of the television and then she’s all over me. Trust me, that’s a lot of dog to be all over you but we have a good time hugging. She might even get in a lick or two. Mumford’s time is when I walk into the kitchen and lay a plate on the floor for her to lick. It’s an every night tradition and it’s between her and I. Miss Annie would lay on the fireplace hearth and give me “the look” until she broke me down. I’d scoot over and say “kisses kisses kisses” and then it would be frisky kissy time.

Even as short of a time that Sadie was here, we had Daddy Love Time. She would rest her head on the arm of the sofa and give me the most adorable look. I’d share my dinner with her and love on her. It hurts my heart to write these memories.

Daddy Love Time was important to Jesus. Luke 5:16 tells us that He often withdrew to the lonely places and prayed.

The time when it’s just me and my Father is the most precious time in the world. I don’t have to give Him “the look” to get His attention and I don’t have to wait until exactly eight-o-clock. For us, it usually happens when things get quiet, when everything calms down and I can think. He’s always there waiting for me and He’s always there waiting for you too.

Take a break for some Daddy Love Time. I’ll bet the covers and pillows will be ready when you get there.

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