After the last litter box has been cleaned, after the last food and water dish has been cleaned and refilled, when the cats have all been put up for the night and everyone is purring in their favorite places, then and only then can I finally relax. There is nary a place in the house that isn’t completely dedicated to our fur kids. The bedrooms, the kitchen, laundry room and even the hallways are marked for business, so to speak. I fought fang and claw, tooth and nail to carve out one single solitary corner of my own and this is it. This is where I unwind at the end of a long hard day. This is where I have my tea. This is where the quiet conversations take place and sometimes this is where I cry. Welcome to my corner, my own little corner.

Have a seat and get comfy. I’m going to get some tea. Would you like some? Cream? Sugar? I will be right back and then I’ll tell you about my day. Boy was it a doozy.


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