More Lucy-ness (Updated)

Lucy’s daddy came by. They have been trying to find a home for the dog for a while with no luck. They have other dogs, one large dog in particular fights with Lucy. We told him that if he wants to leave the dog with us we will work to find Lucy a loving home.

Update 01/25/2018
Lucy is a brindle lab & boxer mix around two years old. She is a very sweet girl, she is house broken and responds very well to instruction. She likes hugs and kisses but she is not fond of cats or other dogs. We were told she is very good with children and given her loving nature we have no reason do doubt that. She is a good watch dog and has a very deep, convincing bark. She loves ride in the car and is well behaved. She likes chewy bones and hasn’t destroyed anything else within her reach. She loves to lay on the floor next to you while you are working and is known to get cute and perky when we take walks. Not rowdy and unmanageable, cute and perky.

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