The LORD God formed out of the ground every living animal of the field and every bird of the air. He brought them to the man to see what he would name them, and whatever the man called each living creature, that was its name.
~ Genesis 2:19

Everyone names their cats and dogs which makes them part of the family. Our family is not as large as Adam’s (yet) but each fur friend is as precious as the first ones that God created. Imagine how excited God was when He first brought His animals to Adam and how excited Adam was to see them. Oh, the conversations they all must have had, at first getting to know each other and then just chatting about daily stuff.

“Looking good, Adam.”
“Feeling good, Ralph. How have ya been?”
“Me and Sid were over in the meadow eatin’ stuff and thought we’d come by for a visit.”

They had a great relationship until Adam and Eve messed things up, but that’s another story.  Anyway, that’s the kind of relationship we have with our fur kids at WarmFuzzy’s and that’s what The Morning Zoo is all about. Hang around for a while and if you’re real quiet and patient, you just might hear us chattin’ about regular ordinary stuff.

Over on the right of this page is a place where you can search the Zoo by keyword or by your favorite WarmFuzzy’s character (and some of them are definitely characters). Below that search thingie is a link to the entire Zoo and then below that is a random sampling of some older highlights to get you started.

The coffee pot’s over on the counter, cups are in the cabinet to the right. Grab yourself a chair that doesn’t have a cat in it and make yourself at home. Welcome to the family. I would ask your name but the kids will give you one if you stick around long enough.


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