Mark 2:27-28
27 Then he said to them, “The Sabbath was made for people, not people for the Sabbath.
28 For this reason the Son of Man is lord even of the Sabbath.”

Cats doze about 65% of their day and dogs around 50%. Dogs spend another 30% of their day resting and only 20% being active. Don’t argue with me. I read it on the Internet so it must be true. 🙂

It seems like our dogs are always napping but every time I walk into the kitchen Mumford wakes up and activates her beg mode. She always wants something to eat. “Go lay down. This is my toast. Fine, you can have some crust.” The cats are hardly ever awake and when they are, they’re pestering the Missus for attention. When we both finally sit down at night, the crew awakens from their slumber and they flock to our proximity. Snacks, pets, lovin’s and cuddles for all. Eventually, the Missus yearns for a break and I might temporarily step away for my mental health. We love them all dearly but sometimes you just need to breathe your own air. You ought to see it when we go to the shelter. They all come running. “They’re here! They’re here!” Try to clean a litter boxes while being loved by ten or more cats at a time.

I like taking naps and sometimes the Missus likes me taking naps. You’ve seen me on the Internet. Imagine living with that Every. Single. Hour. Of. Every. Single. Day. Let me tell you though, she can be a piece of work herself. That’s why I have my end of the house and she has hers. I don’t have a garage or shop or I’d probably go sit in that. Sometimes the Missus disappears to the shelter but it’s probably not to get away from me. (Every. Single. Hour…) It doesn’t matter how likable a person is or how much you love them, everyone needs a break now and then and taking a nap is a good way to rest and recharge.

Jesus ministered to large crowds. He touched people and healed them and fed them and preached to them and eventually He’d say, “Ya know guys, I gotta get outta here for a while,” and they’d go to the wilderness or the garden or snag a room at a Holiday Inn and take a nap or whatever it is they did to unwind. They didn’t have wifi so they had to make do with board games or play Charades or pin the tail on Peter.

I wondered if Jesus and the disciples ever joked around and I couldn’t find a reference in the Book of Concordance so I checked Google. ( Sure enough, there were references so I checked some of them out. There is nothing that even hints that Jesus and His disciples were regulars at the local comedy club but He did go to parties. In fact, the first miracle He performed was at a party where He turned water into wine, which shocked the host and guests and has been confusing Baptists ever since.

The Bible states that Jesus and His disciples withdrew from the crowds and rested. Like you and me and the Missus and the dogs and cats, they took naps because like you and me and the Missus and the dogs and cats, they got tired and stressed and sometimes they just needed a time out so they left the city and went to the lake. They sat in the garage or shop or den or whatever they called it back then. They turned off their cell phones and watched reruns of Leave It To Moses or sat at a picnic table and fed Cheetos to the squirrels. They relaxed. They took a refreshing break before returning to the duties at hand.

I don’t need to remind you that God worked for six days and then He rested.

Mark 2:27-28
27 Then he said to them, “The Sabbath was made for people, not people for the Sabbath.
28 For this reason the Son of Man is lord even of the Sabbath.”

God didn’t say, “Okay, you guys are supposed to rest now. Do it!” He said, “Hey guys, I made some rest for you. Enjoy it.” He is Lord of our lives, of our work and of our rest. He is Lord of our days and nights and dreams and parties and trips to the lake and the wilderness. He is Lord of our naps.

And now you know why dogs and cats sleep so much. 🙂

[YAWN] I’m could use a nap right about now. How ’bout you?

What would Jesus do?


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