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Warmfuzzy's is not your run of the mill animal rescue or shelter.



Franklin likes other cats. He enjoys lying near a window so he can see the world outside. He loves to be petted, will tolerate being held for a limited time, and will sometimes find a lap. He's a bit shy at first, but warms up quickly.

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Meet Lucy

Meet Lucy

Lucy is a lovable 3 year old brindle Mastiff/Boxer mix, up to date on vaccinations, housebroken, good with kids, not good with other dogs or cats. She's is playful and loves to ride in the car. She knows "sit pretty," "no," and "You want to go outside?" She needs someone who knows the Mastiff Breed & can work with her anxiety issues.

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Chloe Is Waiting For You

Chloe Is Waiting For You

Chloe is a spayed female about 10-12 years old. She has the torti-tude with other cats.
While she would prefer to be the only cat, she would do okay with one or two other cats. She is very sweet with people, and likes to snuggle with her human, especially in bed.

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For Each Other

Me and all four pups went outside early this morning with two leashes, Mumford tangles and all. The grass was crunchy, the sky was clear and the air was TOO COLD! Did I mention that I hate winter? If not, I’m mentioning it now and if so, I’m mentioning it again. I don’t handle the…

The Long Road

I decided to step away from the Internet for a while today and watch a movie, Last Love with Michael Caine. It is a very good show by the way. Anyway, while I was watching the movie, I was also watching Miss Annie sleep. Her breathing was quite labored, as it has been lately, sort…

Do Dogs Pray?

Mumford was sound asleep this morning when the rest of us went outside. Miss Annie and the Duchess split off and went their ways as they usually do while the Budster and I walked the circuit clockwise around the yard. After he generously watered the important things, we slowed down to enjoy the damp, foggy…

Calling All Angels

They have come and they have gone and others have come and some of them have gone. Every time someone leaves our heart is ripped open and the grief is so intense we can’t think, we can’t breath, we feel helpless and hopeless. There is no understanding, there is no peace. We can’t even form…

All Is Calm All Is Bright

It’s been a quiet day here at the zoo. Must be the weather because the pups have been mellow and napping. No perky time at all. It gives us a chance to assess their conditions more closely. For example, Miss Annie is walking slower these days but she also appears to be losing weight. The…


Miss Annie: “Be careful, this ramp is rickety.” The Budster: “It got that way because someone is fa…” Miss Annie: “Don’t say it!” The Budster: “…at.” Miss Annie: “Shhhh, he’ll hear you!” The Budster: “I didn’t mention any names. I said ‘someone’.” The Duchess: “Are you two talking about me?” Miss Annie: “No, Buddy said…

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